What do I turn in first?
Please click on the Application Packet link and complete all forms and mail to Littlest Angel Preschool with your non-refundable check ($40.00) payable to:  LAPP

When will I be notified if my child is accepted?
You should receive a letter of acceptance within 2 weeks of receipt of your Application Packet. Your letter will contain a password for Registration Packet #2.

Do you have tours and when ?
We offer tours by appointment. Please call 415-824-5437 to schedule a tour.

Do you have a uniform ?
No, we do not have a uniform because we are very messy!  We do have a uniform jacket children must wear on all adventures and field trips.

May I pay by check ?
Yes, if timely   We also accept Tuition Express Automated Deduction/Charge to Credit Card, cash, and money orders.

When is tuition due?
Tuition is due on the 1st of the present month, i.e. September tuition is due on September 1st.

Do you provide snacks and lunch ?
Yes, we provide a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack catered by Chefables.com   Please see the sample menu.

Do you have tuition assistance ?
We are a PFA (Preschool for All) site and 4 year old children residing in San Francisco have a tuition discount.

What are the ages of the children for whom you care ?
Our children are 2 years to entry into 1st Grade.

What do you mean by toilet trained ?
Children must be able to use the toilet and wipe independently.  Yes, we do expect some accidents.  Parents are required to provide an entire change of clothes at all times.

Do you accept subsidized payments from outside agencies ?

Are you a PFA (Preschool for All) school ?
We are a PFA school.

Are children allowed to bring toys from home ?
Toys brought to school by your child are sent at your own risk.

Please do not send toys to school that are precious or you do not want broken. When your child brings toys from home we do all that is possible to make sure they are not broken or they go home at the end of the day. We are not able to search for hours or days for toys or parts to toys.

Additionally, please check your child's backpack, pockets, hands and toy box for unfamiliar toys. Children tend to 'loan' their toys to other children or let them 'borrow' a toy and don't understand the meaning of the action.